Part Deux in how to raise the art of procrastination to a fever pitch, my column in yesterday’s Fine Art Views. Enjoy!


One thought on “HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE Part 2

  1. A thoughtful and passionate post, Luann, and one that addresses an issue with which I’ve struggled, as well.

    When you write part 2, can you address the situation where a viewer is inspired to use some of the imagery or techniques because they strike a chord WITH THEIR OWN STORY?

    Very few of us can say that we invented the wheel, so where does inspiration end and copying begin?

    Plagiarism when it is to copy and take advantage financially seems to me to be a black and white case of infringement, but what about when the “copier” is in spired to run with an idea because it is a true one for THEM?

    Stories are powerful because in true stories we hear our own heart beating, but stronger because it beats in unison with the storyteller.

    Your insights would be appreciated.


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