Welcome to my world!

My work is inspired by Ice Age cave art. I want my artifacts to look like truly old ivory carvings of horses, deer, bear, fish, and birds.

I use polymer clay because I can make it look like real ivory, soapstone, coral, shell, and bone. Unlike bone and ivory, no animals are harmed in the making of these artifacts and amulets.

I mix colors, then make very thin layers of clay (like puff pastry or Damascus steel) to form a block of material that has the grain and color of old ivory.

I shape each animal, one at a time. Then I mark, bake, and carve them. I sand and polish each one.  I use a scrimshaw technique to bring up the details.  The handprints you see are miniature versions of my own hands.

I use no chemicals or glazes, nor power tools to carve them. Just my hands, small tools, and found objects.

Polymer clay is lightweight and comfortable to wear, yet durable. I want my artifacts to look like they’ve been worn smooth by the constant touch of human hands. Feel free to touch!

I make a lot of my own beads, but I also use antique trade beads; semi-precious stones; recycled, antique, and vintage fabrics; vintage and antique wood boxes I’ve restored and refinished myself.

I want these objects and assemblages to look like each was passed down through time, repaired and mended by many hands, and loved by all.

All this, to connect you to those artists of the distant past. To contemplate what it is to be human. And to know the power of our choices in our modern world.

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