I make all kinds of artifacts. I imagine myself an ancient artist working in ivory and soapstone. I dream of giving these to people I care about, who wear these totems daily until they are worn smooth by the touch of human hands.

The first artifacts I made were wild horses. They run in perfect freedom. They say, “Courage! Be the artist you are meant to be.”

Fossil fish lay buried in deep layers of sediment, dreaming of forgotten seas. They say, “Swim hard, no matter how far away the ocean seems.”

Bear tells me, “Be strong when things get hard. Listen more. Think slow. Love deep.”

Swift birds bring songs of hope from the far corners of the earth. They urge me to tell more stories.

The bull I made as a gift for a wise woman. Her wisdom is rich and deep; her friendship is a gift. The bull reminds me to be grateful.

Now comes otter. He tells me, Oh, be joyful! Play! Enjoy every moment of this amazing life.”

4 responses to “ANIMAL STORIES

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  2. I love your work and your blog, what a delight to have you pop into my inbox via polymer daily!

  3. Great and heartfelt gifts. I absolutely love horses too. Yours are lovely!

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