You are probably not doing it wrong.

Feeling Lucy-like lately.

I’ve been feeling a little like Lucy lately, the ornery character in the Peanuts cartoon strip. Not the ornery part (although those close to me might defer), but the times she sets up her free advice booth. I’ve had a lot of people come through my studio lately, who, obviously finding my artwork appealing, share some of their wistfulness about their own art careers.

I love giving advice. Having said that, I should, in the spirit of honesty and truthfulness, I’ve given a lot of bad advice. I’ve learned I really don’t always know what’s best for others. And every time I think I do, it goes very badly, for me and for them.

But sometimes, the misconceptions, the myths, the fears, and the self-doubt, are so obvious, I can’t help but point them out.

It’s not silly to want a studio. You need a place, a space, or a pocket of time to do your artwork. You wouldn’t begrudge yourself a bed (nor sleeping). Why would you think having a dedicated table, or a small room, or even a garage/barn/studio to create, is selfish?

It’s not wrong to want to sell your art.

It’s okay not to give away all your secrets, about how you do what you do.

It’s okay that, as a a wife/mother/parental caretaker/everything else society offloads onto women, you feel like a horrible person for even thinking of making art.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed about the business side of your art.

It’s okay if you don’t even like my advice. (The only thing I absolutely hate is when people beg me for advice, and then ARGUE WITH ME when I give it to them.)

Believe me, I’ve been there. I still go there. And I’ll probably be there for the movie version, too.

In short, you’re probably not doing it wrong.

But there may be a way to do it a wee bit better.

Your homework for today the rest of the year: Read the articles in the links.

If you still have questions, I’m here.


Reminding you that this weekend is still Art Trails, and my studio is open!

My brand new studio door!
My brand new studio door!

I have been reminded by various people/organizers/mentors that I need to remind you again about this weekend’s open studio. Sonoma County Art Trails 2015 runs two weekends, and this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17 & 18, 10-5) is the last.

I’m bad at arm-twisting, except for bugging my husband. So I don’t WANT to bug you. But I know I really should.

So if you came my studio last weekend, THANK YOU!!!!! (If you bought something, you are my new best friend.)

If, while you were here, you thought to yourself, “You know, so-and-so would LOVE this”, well, now’s you’re chance to bring them by. (If you hated it, please keep that to yourself. I’m easily hurt.)

If you wished you could visit again, by all means, come on by!

If you forgot, or didn’t have time, this is your last chance for awhile. So git on down here!

Studio #30. In the SOFA Arts District in Santa Rosa, California. In the buildings just south of Julliard Park, on South A Street.

I’m down what is affectionately but unofficially known as “Atlas Coffee Alley.” Because it’s an alley, which leads to Atlas Coffee Company. And there’s a sandwich sign at the head of the alley noting same.

I’ve rearranged a few things, and I may have a new piece or two already. But I did not dust or sweep. (Artistic license.)

And I’d love to see you here. I mean, there. At my studio.

You can find a map of all participants here.

Til then,



New tour! New studio! New work! Same ol’ red hair and smiling face.

New tour! New studio! New work! Same ol’ red hair and smiling face.

There's room to SIT DOWN in my new studio!

There’s room to SIT DOWN in my new studio!
I have lots of NEW WORK, too!

I have lots of NEW WORK, too!
New antique box mini-shrines!

New antique box mini-shrines!
New framed fiber pieces, too!

New framed fiber pieces, too!

I’m delighted to be a new artist (#30) on the prestigious Sonoma County Art Trailes, a self-guided tour through the open studios of more than 175 artists and craftspeople throughout…well, throughout Sonoma County.

The tour covers the next two weekends in October, Saturday and Sunday, 10-5, Oct. 10 & 11, and Oct. 17 & 18.

I’m in my new studio space! It’s a lot bigger than my former space. In fact, I’m in the space you had to walk through to GET to my former space. There’s a window! There’s room to turn around! There’s a sofa and everything! I even cleaned!! (This in itself is a noteworthy event.)

I have new framed fiber pieces, new small antique box ‘installations’, featuring my handmade artifacts and small sculptures. I have new jewelry, too.

So come on down to 300 South A Street in the SOFA arts district in Santa Rosa, between Sebastopol Ave. and Sonoma Ave. There are eight artists on the Tour here. I’m by myself, down Atlas Coffee Alley, down the side of Gallery 300. There will be many bright blue signs showing the way; look for the cerulean blue door in the alley, that’s me!  Studio #30.

For more information, visit where you can also download a copy of the catalog (if you don’t have one yet) and maps of all the studios. (The one with me on it is

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