I received a piece of this packing material awhile back, and went nuts trying to find out more about it:

funny honeycomb paper stuff
more funny honeycomb paper stuff

It’s a sliced kraft paper; the slits allow the paper to expand and stretch beautifully around any item. It has a tissue paper underlay. It’s really neat, and I finally found the company that makes it:


And this was brilliant… You know how I finally tracked down this company?

On the edge of the tissue paper, they’d printed their company name and phone number! (919-654-7700)

After spending fruitless hours trying to find the product on-line, and trying to describe it to shipping supply companies like U-Line, I finally saw the info on the tissue paper and found them in one minute.

Don’t be put off by the text (which implies they only work with big companies), they were happy to sell me a single roll.

A 175′ of 12′ wide paper (both the honeycomb and the tissue underlay) roll is $25, and the special dispensing machine (that rolls both out together) is $50.

I LOVE the way this material works with my natural kraft paper boxes and kraft paper name labels! It’s definitely more “green” than plastic, easier to deal with than packing peanuts and shredded paper. It’s a great company to work with, too.

Plus, if you are a paper artist, you’ll find other cool things to do with this stuff.

Not affiliated with the company, just happy to find such a cool product!

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