I dream of the cave of Lascaux…

Its beautiful paintings of running horses,
born by the flickering light of torches….

Never meant to see the light of day,
yet brought to light in our lifetime.
Survived ten thousand years,
yet nearly destroyed by the breath of ten thousand visitors…
Too delicate to survive our modern world,
The cave was closed and sealed.

And lost again.

The horses now run
in the darkness of their cave


We do not understand the mystery of these paintings.
We do not know what they meant to the people who created them.
Their message was not meant for us.

But their beauty and power create profound echoes
in our modern hearts.

What ancient, yearning dreams of hope and beauty
brought forth these haunting images?

Ten thousand years from now,
Who will know the makings of our hands?
And who will know the mysteries of our hearts?

10 thoughts on “ARTIST STATEMENT”

  1. Your Artist Statement gave me shivers !

    I’ve been to Lascaux but I believe it was the replica caves we visited and wondered through. Magical beyond belief and if i could have held my breath the entire time – i would have !

    Beautiful work and thanks so much for sharing so profoundly 🙂
    best regards,


  2. Luann, thank you.

    I’ve read your posts about writing artist’s statements, and I’ve read your own before, but for some reason today it just snapped into place and…. I think I finally got it 🙂

    I’ve struggled with this so much, both because of shyness and an inability to describe exactly what it is that makes me do what I do, other than to simply say “I like to create beautiful things that incorporate other beautiful things that I’ve seen”

    But today, I sat down and wrote it and I think I’ve finally got something that expresses why I do what I do and why it matters to anyone but me.

    So, thank you, your posts about the subject have been a sort of mantra to me for quite some time and it seems to have finally paid off!


    1. I believe that your statement ” I like to create beautiful things out of beautiful things I have seen”. Says it all. Simple and straight forward.


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