(AP) Archeologists in France today announced the discovery
of a Neanderthal burial site. The skeletal remains of an elderly female
were interred with great care. There were various indications of
continued care of a non-productive member of the tribe. The remains
of dried flowers were buried with her……


She is gone.

She is gone,
and prepares the way for us…
We, left on these shores,
We, left grieving here.

Here are flowers, that she may have joy with her,


Here are shells, that she may remember the Great Waters,


Here are bones, that she may count the days of the Blessed.

Here are her tools,
her sewing awls, sinew, beads,
that she may make beautiful things,
and have beauty around her,


We will remember her,
We, left on these shores,
We, left grieving here….


—Luann Udell

10 thoughts on “BURIAL SONG”

  1. I just re-read a few of your blogs. Your intention of the retelling of “ancient stories” plus this beautiful song have made me an even bigger fan. As an artist that never forgets what it’s like to play with the magic of creativity, reading about your inspiration stirs me. I’m happy to be among those who “get it,” even if it’s only while reading their occasional e-mail blog.


  2. Luann, I just love your writing style and content so much! Your artwork and your above poetry is also very moving. It may sound trashy novelish, but it reminds me of Jean M. Auels novels. I too love ancient stuff/ lore/ spirits, love to make things and to write. If you have a chance go to my site and read the profile and policy verbage I put there. Thanks for your inspiring words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Luann, I love your art and your writing. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me. I “feel” more since I’ve been a subscriber to your blog. I feel a calmness and serenity when I’m working in my studio now. I’m finding that if I put myself into my work, then others will likely find something in it, too. If I had your way with words, I’m sure you would see my meaning.


  4. Hi Luann, I have read this beautiful poem many times and never commented because I just don’t have the words to express how it touches me. Those of us who respond to the vibrations of ancient lives and artifacts see into a world long gone but full of beauty and meaning. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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