It’s a dreary time of year and a typical Thanksgiving in the northeast: The leaves are mostly stripped from the trees, the sky is gray and overcast, and there is a promise of rain–or worse, snow–in the air.

Not good for Seasonal Affective Disorder types like my husband. He’s back from an exhausting trip to Ireland (where, unfortunately, Dublin was also gray and overcast and slightly damp.) Jet-lag, SAD, middle age–a deadly combination.

Over coffee this morning we talked about our life together, our careers, our avocation and what our next steps might be.

It could feel like the November of our lives, too. Unsure if we’ve made the right choices along the way. Wistful about things we could have done better. Uncertainty about what the future holds. Painfully aware that there is much less future to ponder than when we were 25.

And yet….and yet….

I feel so thankful.

I think we have made good choices. We made the best ones we knew how, at least.

Who can live on “coulda, shoulda” for very long? It only drives you crazy. The path you choose, once chosen, is the only one that exists. All others fade away.

Except that every day, you get to choose again.

Years ago, Jon chose to work at Byte magazine. It became a springboard for so much in his life. It gave him credentials, exposure, experiences. Friendships. Opportunities.  For this next step, he chose to work for Microsoft.  Where will that decision lead him?  It looks a little clearer today, thank goodness!

I chose to follow my heart and become an artist. It, too, has given me the same. Not as much money as Jon, for sure. But then, that too was a choice.

We chose Keene. It’s been a very nice place to live and raise a family. A lifestyle choice not many can have. But a choice that Jon, through his work, hopes to make more available to others.

We chose each other. A bit of luck in that, I know. But also a choice I never regret. Well. Hardly ever. (Just joking, sweetie. I have not forgotten the floor thing.)

This gray Thanksgiving day seems a little brighter as I realize how grateful I am for this freedom of choice.

We are even free to make bad choices. How amazing is that?!

I am determined today to make only fun choices. Dark meat or white? Red wine or white? CSI or House on the Tivo?

My prayer for you this Thanksgiving Day:

May you always know the power of your choices.

May you always rejoice that you have them.

May they always bring you a little bit closer to your heart’s desire.

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