Horses for Sale

Yesterday I treated myself to a little horse therapy. Gawd, I needed it!

I volunteer from time to time at Clarity Performance Horse Training and Sales.

Most of the horses are very high-end, and high-performing: Dressage, comptetitions, hunter-jumpers, etc. They are totally out of my league, experience-wise, and totally out of my price range. I do want to ride again someday, especially trail riding. That’s not gonna happen in this gig.

But for now, it’s soothing just to be around this big critters. So I stick to grooming (a working meditative practice!) and a shower (cooling for both of us.) I found out I actually enjoy doing wound care. (Who knew??)

Yesterday I met Poppy, and worked with him: shower, gentle words, wound care. (I call him Eddie. I think he prefers it, myself. But then, I suck at Horse-speak.) He’s had a hard life, filled with abuse, and has trust issues. Humans have not been kind in his world, and he protects himself by not letting them in. He’s a little argumentative in the ring while Clare works with him.

But he’s not mean or aggressive. He just….doesn’t care. But I think that will change, with the right home. Given time, patience, kindness, good care, training, and a second chance, most horses will come through.

I adore him already! He’s trying so hard. As I watched Clare work with him in the ring, his ears were up and forward. “What is this place? What’s with all the kids?? Nobody’s hurting me! Everybody sounds happy/engaged/earnest/horse-centered!”

If I had a place for him, and the money to board him, I’d snag him in a heartbeat.

Please share this if you know people who have room in their hearts for more horses!

Here’s a list of horses for sale, all of whom Clare has worked with, past and current:

Poppy aka Eddie
I dunno, he just LOOKS like an Eddie.
eddie running
He has the moves. Look at him go!