I’m hearing a lot of angst and guilt from folks who are reading this series. People who are ashamed of their booths, or realize they’re making some of the mistakes I’m describing. Don’t be. I can’t emphasize this enough: Your first booth will not be perfect. Alas, neither will your second, third, nor probably even … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #0.1 Just Do It!”

GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #6: Let There Be Light

Lighting a booth is such a difficult topic to cover, I was kinda hoping to sneak out the back while you were reading the other essays in this series. But that would be wrong. And I promise that’s the last time I quote Richard Nixon in this series. There is so much I don’t know … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #6: Let There Be Light”


Today’s Bad Booth topic is a difficult one. Some of you will not even want to consider it, and perhaps some of you can’t. I simply ask you to think about it, because the results are so profound. Allowing people to touch your work is powerful. Allowing children to touch your work will move mountains. … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #5: Don’t Touch!”

GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #4: And the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

This article will be a long, but not inclusive look at walls. I am not the expert on booth design Bruce Baker is. I haven’t tried tons of different wall designs. But I’m happy to share my own personal experience with walls. I have the unfortunate privilege to have created three distinct product lines that … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #4: And the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down”

GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #3: Alice’s Tiny Doors

I talked earlier about booths with so much stuff in them, you can’t get in. This common booth layout flaw is similar. The way(s) into and out of the booth are way too small. I called this essay “Alice’s Tiny Doors” because it reminds me of one of John Tenniel’s illustration in the book Alice … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #3: Alice’s Tiny Doors”


I’m literally watching paint dry today. I’m finishing up the last of my teeny tiny wall hangings, a special series I’m doing for this year’s annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair. For some reason, booths and booth design is on my mind today. A friend asked me to critique her new booth, which got me … Continue reading “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD”


There’s a booth mistake that’s sort of related to the “Too Much Stuff” syndrome. But sparsely furnished booths can fall prey to it, too. I call it the “I can’t come into your booth” syndrome. People need to have easy access to your booth. They need to be able to walk in and feel like … Continue reading “BOOTHS GONE BAD #2: Let Me In!”

BOOTHS GONE BAD #1: Too Much Stuff

One of the biggest mistakes I see in booth design is the “Loaded Booth” look. There are many variations on this theme. There is the “Something for Everyone” look. There is the “One in Every Color” look. There is the “I Can Make a Million of These (and I Have!)” look. Unfortunately, the result is … Continue reading “BOOTHS GONE BAD #1: Too Much Stuff”


This post is by Luann Udell, regular contributing author for FineArtViews. She’s blogged since 2002 about the business side–and the spiritual inside–of art. She says, “I share my experiences so you won’t have to make ALL the same mistakes I did….”  For ten years, Luann also wrote a column (“Craft Matters”) for The Crafts Report magazine (a … Continue reading “BLOG YOUR BOOK”

HERE’S MY BOOK! ON KINDLE! Getting People OUT of Your Booth!

I’m so excited, I actually dreamed about this last night! My book! On Kindle! Here it is in the UK. I can list other countries if you need ’em, but my husband just looked it up by searching for my name. (Of course, I also dreamed that a cooking show host came to my house … Continue reading “HERE’S MY BOOK! ON KINDLE! Getting People OUT of Your Booth!”


I’m going to be very lazy today, and share a post I made recently on a crafts forum. A craftsperson posted that they were thinking about doing some shows. She was at a loss on where to begin designing a booth. Was there such a thing as a “booth designer” she could hire? Someone responded … Continue reading “NEW TO SHOWS, WHERE DO I START??”

MEAN PEOPLE SUCK #2: Professional Jealousy

Years ago, I was going through a rough patch with my art career. Other artists were behaving badly. I was dazed and unsure of what was going on. I confided in a friend, who mentioned the matter to her husband, a lawyer. “Be nice to Luann at dinner tonight, dear”, she told him. “She’s had … Continue reading “MEAN PEOPLE SUCK #2: Professional Jealousy”


Breaking news! My first two books on Kindle! Just $4.99 each! (and a third one’s on the way!) GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD Create the best craft show environment for selling your work [Kindle Edition] Lord help me, I have no idea how to shift the text and images around to even this out. My deepest … Continue reading “LUANN’S E-BOOKS!”