Breaking news! My first two books on Kindle! Just $2.99 each! (and a third one’s on the way!)

Help for your ailing booth!

Help for your ailing booth!

GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD Create the best craft show environment for selling your work [Kindle Edition]

Lord help me, I have no idea how to shift the text and images around to even this out. My deepest apologies. Even managing WordPress layout is beyond me.
I don’t even know where the underlining thing came from….
Trust me, the books look better.


GETTING PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR BOOTH: Create a Craft Show Environment That Lets Your REAL Customers Shop [Kindle Edition]

2 responses to “LUANN’S E-BOOKS!

  1. Minnie Bhupathi

    Hi! I love your blog…lots of good info…wish you had some more photos to illustrate some of your ideas for booth design.

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