Breaking news! My first two books on Kindle! Just $4.99 each! (and a third one’s on the way!)

Help for your ailing booth!
Help for your ailing booth!

GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD Create the best craft show environment for selling your work [Kindle Edition]

Lord help me, I have no idea how to shift the text and images around to even this out. My deepest apologies. Even managing WordPress layout is beyond me.
I don’t even know where the underlining thing came from….
Trust me, the books look better.



GETTING PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR BOOTH: Create a Craft Show Environment That Lets Your REAL Customers Shop [Kindle Edition]

8 thoughts on “LUANN’S E-BOOKS!”

  1. Hi! I love your blog…lots of good info…wish you had some more photos to illustrate some of your ideas for booth design.


  2. Luann, my name is Michelle and I own a company called Damsel in this Dress. We travel the renaissance festival circuit, and I think I’m going to aggressively and awkwardly recommend your e-books to every single vendor I know! They were SUCH a delight to read, and your sense of humor is hilarious! I was reading it and thinking, “Man, this lady and I need to get together and tell some STORIES!”
    Your insights on human beings were spot on, and I found myself laughing out loud, rolling my eyes at the appropriate times, and wanting to hold hands with you and eat cake. Man. I just get it……I truly get it.
    Thank you, truly!


  3. HI Luann,
    I wrote to you before about how much your tips have helped me, and I have been passing them on to people. Thanks for recommending Bruce Baker’s cds, oh my those selling tips work.
    I noticed the text above has underlines that you said you weren’t sure how they got there? I noticed it is a clickable link….so maybe if you undo the link there you will get rid of the underlines…with that said I have to add I can’t fathom wordpress either.
    I came here to buy your kindle books so I will have them handy to read.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, and all you are going through. I always think I’m the only one lol.


  4. I enjoy your blog and I’m sure would enjoy your books. You say your books are 2.99 on your blog but Amazon says 4.99. Do you have any specials coming up?


    1. Hi Kim, THANK YOU for alerting me to that mismatch!
      My ebooks were first published almost a decade ago. When I changed the price a year ago, I forgot to update my page.
      I’ll ask my readers if they think the books are priced well.


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