I feel as compelled to write about my art as I do to make it.


I’ve learned a lot about the business of fine craft–how to sell it, display it and market it–and I share what I’ve learned with you.

But I’m also intrigued with with the symbiotic nature of my life as a parent, martial artist, artist, writer, climber, chronic worrier…human being.

Being a parent, a pet owner, a martial artist, a yoga enthusiast, a rider, and now a wall climber…all these ventures have taught me valuable lessons in how to be a better artist and a better writer.

And all of these things together have taught me how to be a better person.

We all have our place in the world; many of these articles describe how I’m finding mine.

I share what I’ve learned with you through stories, stories I try to tell with passion, with fierce (and sometimes painful) honesty, and with joy.  And hopefully, with enough funny stuff thrown in to keep you laughing so hard, you won’t notice how long-winded I am.

My hope is that all this encourages you to tell your stories, to find your creative heart, and for you to discover and recognize your own place in the world, too.

Resume: I’m a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, in two different media. I exhibited at some of the top wholesale shows in the country, and at the prestigious ACC-Baltimore retail show. My award-winning work has hung in juried exhibitions, and I’ve been represented in dozens of fine craft galleries across the country. I was a guest lecturer for the Arts Business Institute. I give workshops on self-promotion for artists. I was featured in national magazines and newspapers and appeared on TV. I wrote a craft book, articles for magazines, and now write a regular column for a national crafts magazine. In 2014, we took a deep breath, sold almost everything we owned, and moved to Santa Rosa in Northern California. We have no idea how this will work out. But we’re committed to enjoying every minute we can til something changes.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Luann,
    Several years ago I saw your work for the first time at Keene State College where it was on exhibit on the 2nd floor of the Student Union building. I was blown away and spent literally hours taking notes, recording thoughts etc. all inspired by your work.

    Just today a very good friend, Bobbie Herron, indicated that she is acquainted with you and has carried on a correspondence via email although of late has been out of touch. She determined that she wants to reconnect with you and we have pledged to journey to Keene to visit your shop in the near future. (I hope we can plan a visit at a time when I can actually meet you). I am just so fascinated by the art you create.

    Anyway, I decided to check into your web site after Bobbie left. To my delight I discovered all this great stuff to read about and look at. On Sat. I attended a craft show in North Conway with another friend who is an artist. In the course of catching up, I mentioned your work to her as I believe she would appreciate what you do. So that makes twice in 2 days that you have entered my life. Always so fascinating how people weave in and out of one’s life even on the periphery. She does not have a computer but uses one in the library so I am eager to reinforce my urging her to look you up by calling or writing her.

    Sorry for this long winded message but felt drawn to connecting with you and informing you of yet another admire-er of your work. Will now delight in all that this site has to offer.

    Look forward to meeting you in the near future.
    Sandy Ray


    1. Sandy, I’m delighted to read your thoughtful comments, and I’m honored my work has touched your heart.

      Yes, it’s wonderful how paths cross and weave away and come together again, and I’m so glad I’m on Bobbie’s radar again–she is “cool people”!

      Give me to the fall to de-junk my studio again so you can see the floor, and you will be most welcome.
      as ever,


  2. Hi Luann,
    Wish I met you under different circumstances, but I must say from one artist to another…you do GREAT work. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. When I met you in the hospital visiting Doug, I knew that you were a special lady. Now I know why. 🙂 I’m sending my best to you and your family. Just know that the Harrisville family is right there beside you. Love, Jackie


    1. I just found this, Jackie–so sorry I missed it. Yes, the past year has been a rough one. But everyone is okay (thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou). And looking back, I can see we were carried by amazing people when the way got hard. Angels in Odd Places Thank you for coming to see Doug, it meant a lot to him!


  3. I have discovered you through Fairies Fine Art. I know that any blogging friend of hers will be pretty incredible. You have me intrigued so I’m going to have a browse. Jen


  4. I like your story about Mr. Magoo the pigeon. We, too have rescued pigeons. One lived with us and our cats for 12 years. I have written his life story and it is an eBook on Amazon titled “Wonky – an Uncommon Pigeon”. I think you would enjoy it. All the best,
    Dulcimer Nielsen


  5. My teen daughter is interested in making bead holes larger (like beads from michaels- not expensive). I’m trying to not buy anything new but I have a cordless Mini dremel. Is there a tool I could purchase locally (ie: Home Depot) that would replace a real jewekry tool to enlarge the bead hole? Thank you in advance.


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