NEWSLETTERS 101 #16: The Numbers Don’t Matter!

If I measured my success by how fast my work sold, I would be at zero. One of my best pieces didn’t sell until the month before we left for Cali. NEWSLETTERS 101 #16: The Numbers Don’t Matter! 12/8/2020 by Luann Udell This post is by Luann Udell, regular contributing author for FineArtViews. She’s blogged since 2002 about … Continue reading “NEWSLETTERS 101 #16: The Numbers Don’t Matter!”

The Blender: Intro

We love our new lives in California. But sometimes all the ‘new’ is overwhelming. Even small things, like not recognizing the ‘ordinary’ birds out here, remind us daily of what we don’t know about California. (There are at least TWO kinds of jays here in Santa Rosa.) (And what are the ones that go, “pip”. … Continue reading “The Blender: Intro”


I’ve been thinking about 2016 for awhile now. I revisited my Manifesto for 2015 just now. It still works for me. The only difference is, other big changes are in store for me. I can’t talk about them now. I’ve found that sometimes, me writing and talking about ‘next steps’ can feel like I’ve already done them. The … Continue reading “MANIFESTO 2016”


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here that I took the next step in my hospice training. I did bereavement training a few months ago–sort of my current “major” in hospice work. My brain and heart continue to expand. I still love my hospice work. I just felt called to explore the next steps–what comes … Continue reading “ANOTHER LEAP INTO THE SKY”

NEW JOURNEY: The Seventh Step

I learn that trying to be perfect limits your options. Another quick thought to share with you today. I read a comment that Quinn McDonald (of Quinn Creative) left on my last post about my hospice training experience. (And btw, let me thank all of you who took the time to write such thoughtful, beautiful, … Continue reading “NEW JOURNEY: The Seventh Step”

NEW JOURNEY: The Fifth Step

I discover I’m not lost–I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Awhile back, I wrote about a coaching session I had with longtime friend and life coach Quinn McDonald, of (I’m leaving out the links because WordPress does not seem to want to process my html coding today.) During that session, I mentioned my … Continue reading “NEW JOURNEY: The Fifth Step”

NEW JOURNEY: The Second Step

Finding new values for the life you lead, and defining your own success. In my last post, I shared what brought me to consult with artist/writer/life coach Quinn McDonald. I wrote about my conflicting desires for my art, and why I feel so lost about my next steps. At the very beginning of our conversation, … Continue reading “NEW JOURNEY: The Second Step”

NEW JOURNEY: The First Step

Letting go of one stage of life in art, moving on to the next. WARNING: The following is my personal experience and thoughts on this particular juncture in my life. I do not cast judgment or aspersions on anyone else’s decisions and goals. It is simply one person’s thoughts (mine) on what I’m going to … Continue reading “NEW JOURNEY: The First Step”


I’m still not done “processing” my session with life coach Quinn McDonald of QuinnCreative. But today I found a blog post by another good friend and jewelry artist, Kerin Rose. In her essay My 2 Cents, she shares her thoughts, based on her long teaching career, on the dangers of artists setting goals. All I’m … Continue reading “GOALS OR GOAL-LESS”


Today I had a remarkable experience. I had a coaching session with an old online friend, Quinn McDonald, an artist who is now an artist/trainer/life coach. You can learn more about her services at QuinnCreative. I’ve always admired Quinn’s sensitive yet thoughtful contributions to the many professional craft forum discussions we used to participate in. … Continue reading “RISK-FREE CHOICES”