Are you ready to start all over again? I’m really hooked on the Four Stages of Competence and I’ve written about them a lot. Years ago, I received this remarkable little set of learning stages as a handout in a martial arts class: Stage 1: Unconscious Incompetence It’s so easy! The joyous stage of the … Continue reading “THE FIFTH STAGE OF COMPETENCE”


Learning new stuff is hard, and uncomfortable. But it’s good for us. Last weekend, I took part in a digital storytelling workshop. It’s a state-wide project, collecting the multi-media stories of 100 California residents, a collaboration between Sonoma County  Library, Creative Sonoma (of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board), the California State Library and StoryCenter. In … Continue reading “ETERNAL STUDENT”


A teensy break from my “TEN MYTHS ABOUT ARTISTS” series…maybe. I was hiking in woods above our home a few weeks ago, and lost my house key. Not too big a deal, under ordinary circumstances–our family seems to lose house keys like a six-year-old loses teeth. But attached to the key chain was one of … Continue reading “LOSING MY GREEN BELT”

10,000 HOURS

Several thoughts reached congruence for me today. The result is a huge kick in the pants. A few days ago, I listened to a call-in seminar provided by Christine Kane, singer/songwriter/blogger/creativity coach. She spoke about New Year’s intentions, very different than resolutions. It was really cool. I found where my sticking point was. I’m thinking … Continue reading “10,000 HOURS”