LESSONS FROM THE MOVE Part Deux: Getting Smaller

This links to my Fine Art Views column for today, with all the good things about moving.



3 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM THE MOVE Part Deux: Getting Smaller

  1. Omg I had that same sewing machine!
    But thank you for this article you have no idea how much this is really helping me in our own upheaval. Your are inspiring in so many different ways I know what you are going through is not easy but you are gaining such wisdom from all this and I’m grateful you are sharing it with all of us. 😊 Thanks.

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    • Er….would you like another one? :^)
      Cindy, I’m delighted if I smoothed your way even for a few minutes–thank you for letting me know! And when you’re on the other side of your move, lemme know what you discovered. I bet it’s good!


      • I will if at this rate it ever happens so many things keep coming up and delaying things. But I sure will let you know. Oh and thanks but I’m good on the sewing machine lol. But maybe a women’s shelter might be happy to have it! 🌷


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