LESSONS FROM THE MOVE Part Deux: Count Your Blessings!

In case this is news for you, we are moving. Again.

We’re not going cross-country this time, thank heavens! Just a mile or so away. Our rent was raised to where we simply can’t afford to stay here.

This was scary on many levels. We have pets, which is increasingly a total shut-out when it comes to renting here. The new house is much smaller, and I still have a lot of stuff. We don’t have a big circle of friends to lend a hand with the physical end of moving. I don’t have an audience for the stuff I have to let go of, like I did in Keene. And it’s even harder to let go of the stuff I chose to bring with me.

Fortunately, old friends of Jon’s recently bought a house here in Santa Rosa, and offered to rent it to us until they move up here themselves. The critters are okay, too.

But even as we breathe a sigh of relief at our good fortune, we’re still putting in a lot of sleepless nights filled with anxiety and fear.

Will my knee hold up?? (It’s been getting steadily worse.) Will the pets adapt to a smaller space? How are we going to move all this stuff?? We have to sell our washer and dryer, and the fridge we bought less than three years ago for THIS house. (I know…how can a rental not have a refridgerator??)

In the midst of this, I gave up that great display space a fellow artist offered to share with me, and though I am excited to have been in two shows this month, in a few days I have to bring all that artwork and display back home.

No room. No room. No room!! OMG, there is NO ROOM!!!

In the midst of this frenzy, I sat down with my journal this morning, with one intention in mind:

What are the GOOD things about this new house, and this move?

And soon I was able to consider 30+ things that will be better.

I felt better. I showed the list to Jon. He feels better, too. He even had something to add to the list.

I’m not saying there’s a happy side to every hard thing life throws at us. That would be thoughtless and without compassion.

But when we are trying to unwind our brains to cope with the stuff that’s just not as hard as the really hard stuff, we give ourselves more bandwidth, more oxygen, to deal with it.

Do you have a happy side to a tough life moment? Please share–I need all the happy-ness I can get!

20170328_105902 (1)

I even added some Noddy-chewed cardboard bits for your amusement! We have a jillion of them. NODDY!!!!!!


12 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM THE MOVE Part Deux: Count Your Blessings!

  1. You may not be looking for suggestions or even need this one, but renting a decent sized storage facility with good lighting and close to the new rental home or to your studio will help give you some space and time to go through things. I love your list of 30 positives in the new move. Great idea!

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    • We thought of that, Christine, it’s a great idea, and we may resort to that if we have to. But Jon pointed out that a little garden shed in the back yard is almost the same size as the shipping cube we used to pack up our life in NH! So we plan to fill that with the overflow, and hope it’s enough. As you suggested, it will give us time to do the hard culling.

      And watch for another online yard sale! My good friend Roma Dee has offered to host another such event on her website. It won’t work for big stuff, of course, but might just work for the smaller items that are shippable.

      When I was visiting Keene a week ago, I saw a lot of my belongings (that were sold on Roma’s site) in several friends’ homes. I thought it would be sad, but it was extremely comforting knowing they were well-loved and in a wonderful new home!


  2. A thought on the refrig.. Keep it and put it in the garage.. we are so thankful that we had done that with an older one, when our newer one quit, at least we did not lose any food because it defrosted. and you will have it just in case, if you have another move. Take it a day at a time.. good list..I understand,,, I have so much to down size too and we don’t need to move yet.

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  3. I love your list of good things about the move seems like a very positive way to look at it. I may have to use your tactic for myself. It actually be used for several issues I think.
    We have been trying to move for awhile now but every time we get close something happens. Last summer my husband got a job in the area we wanted to go and needed hernia surgery and that job wouldn’t wait. Ok fast forward to feb this year re applied gets told he’s hired for second shift I blow out a disc couldn’t walk have been in pt 6 weeks now at least surgeon said he wasn’t recommending surgery but I tell my husband go for it I will find a way to get by he goes up to the new job to fill out papers get physical they say oh by the way we will put you on third shift permanently well that would be fine if he was 30-40 but not good for a guy with the health issues he has he can’t work those overnight hours SO…. here we sit so I think I can make that list work for me in my current situation so thank you for this post. Life is not easy throws curve balls most regularly but you have a good outlook and I think you will be very happy in your new place and you will have time to figure out what is next! Wishing you all the best joy , happiness and peace from now on😊✌️

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    • Love the list idea, as it fits in well with my life philosophy. I’ve been told I’m a Pollyanna, but it’s gotten me thru some very dark times.
      Everything that’s happened to me over the years, I stop and ask, “is this the worst thing that’s ever happened to me?”. If not, I count myself lucky and go about getting thru whatever it is this time. And you will, too. Good luck with more downsizing and remember, your children will thank you for that.


    • Your bumps in the road are a lot bigger than mine, Cindy. When things get this hard, it takes time to look back and assess the flow and the story.Thank you so much for your sympathy and support while you are dealing with your own rough patch, and wishing you the same good wishes!


      • Thanks this too shall pass I feel there is a reason why things happen as they do we may not know why at that moment which of course makes it hard but one thing we can all count on is change ! Can’t wait to hear about this move and how you settle in. It’s a new adventure 😊🌷


  4. OMG, I JUST TOLD A FRIEND ABOUT POLLYANNA! YES, people use the term as a snark. But Pollyanna desperately wanted a family. Her bright and sunny outlook on life got her that family. So what’s wrong with an attitude that frames our lives in healthy terms (as opposed to the Eeyore frame) when it can get you where you want to be? It doesn’t come naturally to me. But I CHOOSE to reframe difficult times. I CHOOSE to see the bullets I dodged, the catastrophes I avoided. Sometimes we have to get through it first. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense until years later, when all the pieces fall into place. It’s not always easy peasy. But it’s worth my energy.
    In the end, we have the power to choose HOW we face life and HOW we tell our stories.


  5. When I read your post the other day I wanted to comment right then but…realized I didn’t have anything to say at the moment, so just kept your request for support in the back of my mind. Today I have a link for you that I think you will appreciate: http://theava.com/archives/67112

    The title of the column is ANXIOUS SF ARTIST, Paul Madonna, Moves On, and it is about being forced to move, to change/adapt/make lemonade from lemons. I thought of you, instantly. Note that, like you, he had a a huge backlog of work he could put into a book–you have just that in multiple areas–and I am sure I’m not the first to suggest you publish your writings (illustrated, too).

    My own favorite motto for times like these is:
    The difference between Adventure and Ordeal is attitude.

    My best wishes for you and these next steps forward in your adventure.


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