4 thoughts on “ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE

  1. Wow, Luann, I LOVE your art! I’m in your corner whichever medium you choose, but please do not stop. Warm regards and best wishes for the rest of 2015 and blessings for a new beginning in 2016! Personally, my New Year is in the fall, but technically every day is a new year…just sayin’, every day we wake up to a new year!


    • Patricia, thank you for the words of support and affirmation. No worries, I’ll never stop making my art, until I physically/mentally can’t. And my husband and I have a deep, rich talk tonight, about how to move forward (both of us!) while honoring and making room for both our creative spirits. And I’m giving myself time to create some other income streams, based on what I already do. My partner is encouraging me to do this, and I feel really good about it, too. You’re right–a new year every day! Thank you for that!


  2. your art is beautiful… hate to say this, but seems that the East Coast and Southern States appreciated artists more than in CA. just what I hear from other artists.. I am in a gallery near Yosemite, and everything is very slow.. We are artists, that need to do art, are frustrated.. But we still “need” to do our art… hugs, for the season. There is next year!


    • LOL, yes, thankfully, next year is in just a couple weeks! I’ve been thinking hard about what to tweak, and I’ll keep you posted. THANK YOU for the words of encouragement, and the reminder that there’s always room for art, even if that can’t be 24/7.


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