GOOD ENOUGH: More Lessons from “The Move”

Here’s my column for today at at Fine Art Views column, on being “good enough.”

Too, too often, waiting for doing it “the right way”, “the best way”, “the perfect way”, “the professional way”, results in just “not doing it at all.” Don’t let your desire for perfection hold you back. Do what you can. When you can do better, then do better. Yes, some things deserve your best. But you’d be surprised how many things simply need “pretty good” or even just “okay”. […]

And here’s the subject of the column, the 1930’s faux cheetah-skin sofa that resides in my art studio.

Can you spot the patches? (How about the dog?) (How about the second dog?)

Can you spot the patches? (How about the dog?) (How about the second dog?)


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4 responses to “GOOD ENOUGH: More Lessons from “The Move”

  1. I don’t see the patches, see one dog… where’s the other one? Very cool couch!


  2. What a stunning sofa!!..thanks for displaying your handiwork!!!….
    and NO!!…I can’t see the patches!!…but YES !!! on the dogs!!! both!!! ha!!


  3. I did much the same for a Victorian woven string rocker my ex-husband’s cat scratched badly. It didn’t turn out as well as yours. I need to pull it out of storage and re-think it.
    I ate Ramen for a month to be able to afford it and loved it too much to leave it behind (wrecked as it is) when we moved to Colorado.
    Thanks for the reminder to just do what needs to be done and not wait for the “perfect” whatever.


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