I’m still in a frenzy-crazy-making mode (just ask anyone in my family. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Yeah, they confirmed, right?) getting ready for the League of NH Craftsmen’s Annual Craft Fair.

I’m swamped. And it shows. My studio has “projects” stacked four deep. My piles are careening into other piles. I’m busy! Busy! Busy!

And when I saw today’s Polymer Clay Daily post from Cynthia Tinapple, I thought, “I’m BUSY!!! But I gotta look….”

Because every Polymer Clay Daily post is a mini-treat/mental vacation/feast for the soul.
Plus it promised a time management tip. “I could use that!” I thought.

So I clicked. And thought, “There must be some mistake. That’s…..”


My e-postcard pic of my ancient horse shaman necklace! Right there on Polymer Clay Daily!

So if you haven’t checked out Cynthia’s breezy, cool selections of innovative, fresh work from polymer clay artists around the world, visit her site today.

Oh. And be sure to tell her how much you loooooooooove my work, okay? (No pressure.) (Yes. PRESURE!)

This color combo reminds me of sunrise, sunset.
This color combo reminds me of sunrise, sunset.