QUESTIONS YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER: “How Long Did That Take You to Make?”

Here’s my latest article at Fine Art Views Newsletter called
Questions You Don’t Have to Answer.

And here’s a tongue-in-cheek article by Robert Genn on how the Art Marketing Board of Canada can help you price your artwork.



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3 responses to “QUESTIONS YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER: “How Long Did That Take You to Make?”

  1. I like saying “40 years” (of however long you have been at it). It stops them in their tracks and gives them something to think about. I explain that over time one process or idea leads to another. It doesn’t just happen in 3 hours or 4. I always measure it in years.

    Anyway, just my take on that particular question.


  2. KJ

    LOL Since I am a bead weaver I have no problem giving them the actual weaving time since it is hours and hours and not something most people are willing to invest time doing. I also add that I have been working in the medium for years and the time does not include shopping, design, and prep.

    Great question. I will click on the link and read the rest.


  3. Ditto KJ – and it usually makes them think twice about the price. If something took me 6 hours and I’m charging $25 for it, then it really ISN’T expensive after all.


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