I found this essay by Paul Graham today–advice for young people in high school, leaving high school, getting ready (or not) for college, and actually, for anyone else, too.

And it is exactly what I wish I’d known in high school. And college. And the first 30 or 40 years of my life. (I finally figured it out when I was 42, I think….)

I came across this by way of the Fine Art Views blog. Fine Art Views is a great resource for artists. It’s kind of geared towards 2D artists, but the advice is general enough for all creative folks.

I’m printing it out for my latest high school graduate. Pass it on to someone you know could benefit–it’s good stuff!


  1. Hi Luann,

    I started laughing while reading the essay as it reminded me of an episode in junior high. in 8th grade all of us had to speak to the guidance counselor about what we wanted to do when we grew up as part of helping us select classes for the next year . I quite frankly told them, that I hadn’t decided yet. I was then told that I was really in trouble and that I needed to make a decision!

    Hmm, since then I’ve had 3 different careers……


    ps. love the new dogs.


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