I’ve been working night and day on these new earrings. I’ve been making astonishing necklaces for awhile now. I realized I needed to make some astonishing earrings, too.

These came to me as I was thinking about my shaman necklace series. Suddenly, I realized I could get a little crazy with shaman earrings.

And who said they have to match?? I’ve had customers asking for unmatched earrings for ages. Folks, I’m ready for you this year!


Who says earrings have to match?? I love these faux stones and shells, and the little bird is so sweet

Not all the earrings will be birds, but I wanted to make some with my signature faux ivory. Black birds make these pop!

My faux ivory meets my new faux riverstones.


Filed under art, craft, craft shows, creativity, jewelry design, show and tell


  1. Elizabeth

    Yes! yes! Unmatched earrings. Make enough for the rest of us after the fair! Your sense of balance or whatever it’s called…. you will match up such cool sets

  2. i love the faux river rocks – reminds me of sea glass. That would be interesting to try to make too!

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  4. Gorgeous!! I make alot of asymetrical earrings. I was thinking of make a display of singles for an up coming show and letting the customers mix and match them themselves.

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