I subscribe to a newsletter from Rena Klingenberg called Home Jewelry Business Success Tips. I always learn something new.

Last week, I read this article on web banners.

I’d been struggling with making my own banner. I love the one my beloved friend and photographer Jeff Baird had made for me. Unfortunately, I was having trouble formatting it to different applications, and there was no text in it. I always had to add that, sometimes with lamentable results.

I thought I’d play around making my own, but the learning curve was too steep. I just didn’t want to spend the next three weeks on this when I have so many other, more pressing things to take care of.

So I bought a banner from this guy for $30. I’ve never bought graphic services online before and I was a little nervous.

Even though I ordered the banner at the height of Labor Day weekend, Neil got back to me within a day or two. He sent a little survey, so he could get what colors I like, my style, what applications I needed it for, etc.

I’m pleased with the results. (You can see the new banner above.)

I’m pleased that Neil asked detailed questions about how I saw my art, my business, my brand. The results look similar to what I had, just a little fresher. I like that my signature is in there.

Most of all, I like that Neil picked up on something I hadn’t even articulated to him–that I lean towards a “museum-like” aesthetic in my work, in my display, and in my presentation. He liked the gray background Jeff had used in most of my images, and incorporated that into the banner as well.

Neil also featured the horse images prominently. Yes, I do other animals, even non-figural artifacts, and I’m feeling the urge to create some people artifacts now, too. But even when people fall in love with my bears, my otters, my birds, my pods and stones and shells, they still refer to me as “that woman who does the horses.” For better or worse, my horse has become my brand. And I’m secretly glad, because they are the heart stone, the first source, where all my work comes from.

My old banner will be at my website for a short while, if you’d like to compare the two.

And as always, lemme know what you think, okay?

Author: Luann Udell

I find it just as important to write about my art as to make it. I am fascinated by stories. You can tell when people are speaking their truth--their eyes light up, their voices become strong, their entire body posture becomes powerful and upright. I love it when people get to this place in their work, their relationships, their art. As I work from this powerful place in MY heart, I share this process with others--so they have a strong place to stand, too. Because the world needs our beautiful art. All of it we can make, as fast as we can! Whether it's a bowl, a painting, a song, a garden, a story, if it makes our world a better place, we need to do everything in our power to get it out there.

13 thoughts on “BANNER BUY”

  1. The new banner looks great, Luann! I especially like your tagline; everything works well together, even the fact that your signature looks rougher, and more hand-chisled than the other type. Great job, and for such a reasonable price! I may have to check him out myself. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Wow, that is such a lovely banner! I really ‘get’ your brand with it and I love seeing your name and your great tag line on it too.

    The other banner was pretty, but this new one is definitely an improvement.

    Beautiful work! I love it!

    I just had some graphic design work done as well and I feel that having some work done by a professional graphic artist helps to ‘focus’ the brand better, rather than us trying to get a banner done by ourselves.

    Nathalie 🙂


  3. I love Rena’s newsletter too. I must have missed the last one. And your banner looks great, it totally represents you. And thanks for the link to that guy because I might have to get one of my own!
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin


  4. That gorgeous banner was only $30?! Why, oh why, do I even think of doing these things myself?
    It looks great and I love the drop shadow below the horse – he really stands out and since he’s looking at your signature it makes us focus on that too.
    The tagline is really good too – did you write it? I have so much trouble putting words together.


  5. your new banner seems more focused – ‘less is more’…I like it very much. When one who is new to your work and blog- they will know who you are and what you do right away. He did a great job!


  6. I like the new banner-the colors seem richer and more vibrant-the strong focus on the horses reinforces your “brand”.


  7. Hi Luann,

    Lovely new banner! It’s very professional and yet very personal.

    It captures the textures and components you work with, and embodies the “ancient stories” feeling of your art. I also love how the horse is galloping out of the image, with an almost a cave-painting feel to it.

    Thank you for your kind mention of my newsletter. I’m thrilled to know you had such wonderful results from a source you found in my site! Hopefully Neil will suddenly find himself awash in orders for jewelry-related website banners. 🙂

    Do you find that your new banner sort of gives you a dose of fresh inspiration and re-dedication to your business?


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