In a word, great!!

A lot of customers have said a lot of wonderful things about my work. One of the coolest was a young woman who gazed at everything in my booth, and then exclaimed, “Your work is astonishing!

The funniest/sweetest thing a customer said: “Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble the governor of Alaska?!” I may not agree with Sarah Palin’s politics, but I do think she’s cute. Plus that means I also look kinda like Tina Fey.

There will be more stories from the front, but had to share those two with you today.


5 thoughts on “SO HOW’S THE SHOW GOIN’?

  1. Hi Luann,

    I just wanted to tell you that have reconnected with your blog!

    We talked at the fair yesterday when you helped my sister choose just the right necklace from your collection. She loves it and it will be a nice memento from our day in Sunapee.

    Thank you!


  2. Enjoyed looking at your work very much. You had a wonderful variety of jewelry and so much more. One of the best booths at the show in my opinion.


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