I was wondering if it were maybe time to start clearing out again. I’d almost talked myself out of it–too much time, too much stuff, it’s spring, dammit, I want to read a book and take a nap and enjoy the sun.

But no. I browsed through a friend’s blog to another blog to another blog and ended up here: and here:

Dang. Oh well. Maybe I’ll clean out some more after my book. And my nap.

And I’ll be sooooo glad when I figure out why WordPress is not letting me code my links anymore!!!



  1. it must be in the air. I just finished cleaning my studio. I spent 3 days cleaning…pull-out-the-furniture-and-clean-where-the-sun-doesn’t-shine-cleaning…and now i am just sitting in my clean studio and loving it! so have fun cleaning!



  2. Hmmm – cleaning or reading…. cleaning or reading? I sure know which one would win out with me! I’ve been trying to get down to cleaning out my studio for about 2 years now… maybe when I finish reading the next blog…. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants, Luann!

    After my mom died, I saved a lot of her clothes that seemed like I MIGHT be able/want to wear, hoping to keep myself wrapped in her memory…

    But a lot of them don’t really fit, and honestly, I don’t need the clothes to remember her.

    Time to purge.


  4. As to WordPress links, have you tried using their link option instead of coding it yourself?

    Just highlight the word you want to hyperlink, click on “link,” up pops a little box where you paste the url, hit return, and viola! Link created!


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