I’m still not done “processing” my session with life coach Quinn McDonald of QuinnCreative. But today I found a blog post by another good friend and jewelry artist, Kerin Rose. In her essay My 2 Cents, she shares her thoughts, based on her long teaching career, on the dangers of artists setting goals.

All I’m gonna say is that Quinn’s insights led me to a similar place. Which led me to my story about Will and the Mermaid.

As I fiber artist, I have to be amazed by the different threads that are already weaving my life back together.


One thought on “GOALS OR GOAL-LESS

  1. I am enjoying reading your recent posts. I find I ponder the very same things- what is success…how to define it…do I sell or sell out…thought provoking writing.

    I am in the process of letting go of a very lucrative career as a pharmaceutical designer…to work on my art…It was my choice to ramp down and turn to my home studio…I now make about 1/10″ of what I used to make at my job…so I am trying VERY HARD not to define my success by my income…some days I am able to…other days not so much. Keep on keeping on!


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