Today I received my first digital copy of The Crafts Report. And for the first time ever, my column is available on line!

I can’t seem to post a direct link, so double-click on the “contents” tab at the top of the page. I’m the “Craft Matters” column on page, 78, “You Might Be an Artist If…”

I’m feeling…..[in]famous.

P.S. A friend sent me this link to the work of Carl Warner, who took the first “You might be an artist if….” to heart. Warning: It might make you hungry!


8 thoughts on “MY COLUMN GOES LIVE!

  1. You should feel (in)famous! Good job!

    And I am laughing at the column because I think many of us have had some variant of all of those happen. Super ditto on the ‘you cant make a living with this’.


  2. Luann, it is a great article; well done! I made a 3-story apartment for my Barbie with an outside elevator out of cardboard boxes, and a fabulous convertible from a Quaker Oats round box. She was stylish. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!


  3. Great to see you officially online…I have loved and followed your blog for a very long time (seems like years) and it’s nice to see your CR editorial online!


  4. Excellent article Luann.

    Why do I get the feeling there may have been a bit of personal experience in that one. I know I identified with quite a few.

    I always got asked to do the murals and backdrops for plays – I got to go up ladders and paint swirly stuff!


  5. From first grade when I was handed the special color chalks to fill a whole blackboard panel (and they WERE black back then) with art for the current holiday, I knew. I drew great witches but had the good taste not to have one flying over the manger scene.

    Great article. I wish I could have printed copies for the monthly “Artists Coffee” I host here. We talked about that same thing.


  6. Luann, wonderful column! I particulary liked the subtract point if you stripped Barbie to her undies and chased your brothers; after all, not everything is “artistically” creative. Sibling creativity is an entirely different set of ratings. Funny, though, I think how we identify ourselves (artist, “just for fun”, whatever) has a lot to do with how we organize ourselves, the time we devote to things and how we prioritize our work. Teri


  7. The Barbie story is true! It came from a friend whose daughter (same age as my daughter) stripped Barbie PAST the underwear stage, positioned her arms & legs back so the….er…pointy things….pushed forward, and chased her older brothers with this terrifying manifestation around the house. I just loved the idea of “Barbie-as-weapon”…. :^D

    The pottery/mud story is actually about my son, the rest are all mine.


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