CLEANING THE ATTIC Tip #8: It’s Working!

To date, I’ve only been daydreaming about the mental/emotional benefits of de-junking, hoping all the good reports are true.

Today I can say they are.

We put in a full day yesterday, slowing working on a difficult area: The back hallway. This is where Jon stuffed everything from our living room and dining (except furniture) when he impulsively decided to refinish floors without telling me first. If you need to feel good about your marriage today, you can read about that fiasco here.

It was hard because this wasn’t stuff that had been languishing in an attic for years. This was stuff we’d been living with. Okay, it’s been a year. But still. It was stuff that had been in active use.

But we chipped away at it and made excellent progress. For the first time in a year, we could walk through our back hallway again.

We even found Doug’s potting wheel (from the days when this area had been his pottery studio) which had disappeared. (He’d stowed it in the stairwell at the end of the back hallway. I don’t know why. Ask him. Good luck with that.)

Trips to the library to donate books for their upcoming book sale, boxes set out on the curb for the yard sale elves, trash trash trash. A busy day, with much accomplished.

This morning, while eating breakfast, I had a moment of extreme clarity:

I really, really really want to write another book.

It will be a collection of blog entries from the last six years. I’ve had the idea for that for awhile now, as many regular readers will know.

It seemed overwhelming, and I wasn’t getting much traction with it.

But this time I felt like I could do it. I could see it happening.

De-junk the trunk. It’s working.


4 thoughts on “CLEANING THE ATTIC Tip #8: It’s Working!

  1. Writing a book sounds like a great idea! I know I get a lot out of reading your blog.

    You and Doug seem to be a lot like me and my husband, except neither one of us would go so far as renting a floor sander. Neither one of us is very good at the whole DIY thing. The floor sander post made me smile today.


  2. I would be first in line to buy your book. I only wish I could print out every page of your blog but it would be an immense project and its hard to do it an orderly fashion. I love it all.




    I just deep cleaned my house for the first time in….way to long to share publically…and, while I haven’t had the creative clarity you’ve found…I’ve definitely felt happier, more peaceful and actually, you know, want to be at home.

    But yeah–all that stuff about de-junking/organizing is sooooo true!


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