I know many people are waiting to hear about my trip to England and Wales. I even started a spirited account of our low-key, non-touristy meanderings about the island.

But I forgot that I had an “artist of the month” commitment a few days after we returned. Yeow!

It took a lot of time to prep, and almost as long to get there. Littleton, NH is up there! (Check a map. It’s in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.) I was at the beautiful League of NH Craftsmen-Littleton gallery.

Beth and Michelle, the gallery managers, are delightful people (talented artists in their own right, too). They made the artist demonstration day as pain-free as possible for me. They even bought me breakfast–and lunch! (I adore people who feed me.) I had a ripping good time, met a lot of customers, and got to talk all day about my work.

And now I’m in over my head getting ready for my big retail show, The League of NH Craftsmen’s Annual Fair.

As you can guess, after all my surgeries, injuries, wild mood swings and everything else, I am so not ready this year. Consequently, I’ve been working like a busy beaver filling in the gaps of my inventory. (Where did all the polymer earrings go?? When did I sell all the bear earrings??? Where is the feral necklace???!!!)

So don’t worry, I am hard at work, and enjoying it for the first time in eight months. My new little otter pendants are looking pretty cute. (You can also read the story behind my animal motifs on the same page as the otter pics.)

And the biggest news of all….

As soon as I’m done with this fair, I’m going to work on a new retail gallery for my work. It’s time. (All of you readers and supporters who’ve given me the big nudge from time to time, thank you!!

And now, enough exclamation points. It’s time I got back to work. I’ll write as I can, because it’s hard for me to stay quiet for very long.



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