Adieu, Adieu…(Temporarily)

Just a note to let you know I will be on the road for part of July.

But please don’t worry this time if my posts get sporadic. It’s all for something wonderful.

I’m going to E*N*G*L*A*N*D!!!

With just my husband! No kids! Even scarier….


We’ll stay in London just long enough to land and rent a car, then off to visit old family friends in Wales. Other than that, we have absolutely no idea what we’re going to do…..

And since my dear hubby says we now also have NO MONEY, I will not be able to pursue my favorite activity (shopping!)

But we’ll have each other, and we share a love of cheese and walking, and it’s the first time we’ve traveled without kids in…..twenty years??!! Oh my…..

Wish us luck!


10 thoughts on “Adieu, Adieu…(Temporarily)

  1. I love your spirit. No plans for your trip and no money. Makes me laugh but the best of my times in life have been when my husband and I just picked up and left with no schedule. It really clears your mind when your free to do as you wish. Have a wonderful time.
    Your work is truly different and beautiful. Very Earthy.
    You will return with true inspiration.
    Sherry Richardson


  2. I’m sure you’ll have a great trip over here – be sure to check out all the craft studios and galleries (there are a lot of talented makers in Wales). Good cheese and walking too – are you going north or south? I spent lovely childhood holidays on the beaches of south-west Wales.

    And you should just be missing the school holidays too….



  3. oh my god-so surreal, My husband and I are doing the same trip in Sept!!!!!!

    Flying into Heathrow, then off to Wales! I’ve even been learning a bit of Welsh to make the trip more fun. I can’t WAIT so hear about your trip when you get back!!!



  4. Wow… I am like, so jealous. Neverever been, always wanted to go, but getting too old and too fat to do these things. Still, I can love vicariously through your adventures. Write soon and remember, when you are alone with your husband over there, at night, just lie back… and think of… well, you know ;-D

    The Perfect Imp…


  5. Have a fantastic time! Mind though – if money is tight I would get out of the UK quick and head to Europe. The UK, and especially London, are just torturously expensive, especially with the exchange rate. The euro tends to be a bit kinder to travellers! And you can pick up really cheap flights last minute from London to just about anywhere. No plans is the best way to travel, just think of the wonderful opportunities you will be able to jump at when they appear.

    Travel safe!!


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