How to Halfway Wholesale: #2 p.s.

In the last essay, I left out an important resource in point #1 (advertising in published materials distributed at the show.)

Well, DUH, most shows have a show guide or program. This is an excellent place for an ad–if and only if your budget allows. Do not go into debt or risk financial instability to pay for big advertising campaigns.

But a good ad in the guide/program targets your primary audience–buyers at the show. So if you can afford an ad of any size, this is the best place to put one.

As for point #8 (FOLLOW UP!), I have no idea where that cool guy smiley face came from. It kept showing up, and I kept taking it out. I guess the universe just wants him there. Well, it is important to follow up. And everyone always tells me I need more graphics in these posts.

And do not panic if I don’t get another post out in this series for a few days. My family is taking my father to the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. this weekend. So the next essay may be delayed.

My dad served in the Navy in WWII, in a land-based initiative in China called SACO (for the Sino-American Cooperative Organization). He has never boasted or made a fuss about his military service, though I know he is proud of it. We’re looking forward to this opportunity to let him know how proud we are, too.

Author: Luann Udell

I find it just as important to write about my art as to make it. I am fascinated by stories. You can tell when people are speaking their truth--their eyes light up, their voices become strong, their entire body posture becomes powerful and upright. I love it when people get to this place in their work, their relationships, their art. As I work from this powerful place in MY heart, I share this process with others--so they have a strong place to stand, too. Because the world needs our beautiful art. All of it we can make, as fast as we can! Whether it's a bowl, a painting, a song, a garden, a story, if it makes our world a better place, we need to do everything in our power to get it out there.

2 thoughts on “How to Halfway Wholesale: #2 p.s.”

  1. “And everyone always tells me I need more graphics in these posts.”

    If you go to and search on “market” you’ll get 50 pages of free images! One of them might strike your fancy.

    And there is a flickr pool of craft show booths. Some of those will be marked CC, meaning you may post them on your blog, with attribution, without specifically going to the person and writing for permission.

    The Crafty Goat explains all about CC and flickr on her blog.

    It says a lot about the quality of the content that you offer that you have such loyal readers despite the lack of pictures.

    Of course, some bloggers go to far with the pictures, I don’t love the picture of the naked lady today over at Copyblogger.



  2. Elaine, thank you for the excellent resources!

    I know about using Flickr, just haven’t even familiarized myself with using our new camera yet. (See how I implied I knew how to use our OLD camera?)

    You are reminding me that, for all my good excuses, photos DO add tremendously to a good blog. I’ll make that a goal for 2008.


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