Robin has insisted I change that word to “underwear” and I have.

And she made me put in that we did that when she was a baby, which is true.

And she says she loves the H.D. and wants to try it on when it’s dry (presumably to see how far down her nose it comes.

And the second hat (periwinkle!) is looking good, though far too warm (wool) for Seattle.

And today I’m going yarn-shopping with another friend at Webs, an incredible yarn store/warehouse in Northampton, MA.

So yarn will be found. Purple yarn. Not wool.


Filed under funny, knitting, life, life with teenagers

3 responses to “HAT DISASTER UPDATE

  1. Beth

    arrrrgh! I’m away from my computer for one day and I miss it! What word (???) did you change. I guess I’ll never know.


  2. somethingP*A*N*T*S instead of somethingW*E*A*R. (Don’t tell her I told you!) (And they were a brand new pair.)


  3. Funny story, I am always glad I stopped by. My knitting story may be right up tere with ours. I gae my mom a handmade ‘feathery’ scarf one year for the Holidays, and she spent the whole day re knitting it.
    I don’t knit anymore.


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