Do You Want to Get This by Email?

I just put up a link to FeedBlitz, where you can click “Subscribe Me!” and sign up to get my blog articles by e-mail. It’s at the end of the “About Me” text to the right.

It took me three days to figure out how to do this–I will never be writing a how-to book on computer skills!–but you asked for it, and I did it.

Er….someone please tell me if it works?

Oh, and tell all your friends (if you like my blog)!


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3 responses to “Do You Want to Get This by Email?

  1. I just went through the process and it seems to work fine. Thanks for doing this, I find it much more convenient. I have Feedblitz as well but mine has a more noticeable and larger area (I think it was a widget I installed) for email sign-ups. It might be worth thinking about/looking into.


  2. Thanks for signing up, Judy!
    I looked into a widget for that. Turns out there’s one for Blogspot, but WordPress doesn’t support it. I hope that changes soon!


  3. did it! I had trouble finding it in the column but that’s because I was scanning quickly looking for the widget I’m familiar with!


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