Okay, last night my husband and I watched the movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’ve always liked it and think it deserves a better rating than “one star.” Paul Rueben’s (aka Pee-wee Herman) death scene is interminable–and funny! Hillary Swank plays the part of one of Buffy’s obnoxious girlfriends. And I was right–I thought I spotted Ben Affleck in a one second scene, and it was him!

Anyway, I dreamed that night that I was Buffy. (Quit laughing.) I killed vampires right and left. They followed me everywhere–into my house, into the streets, and even into a grocery store. (What was THAT about??)

And my wooden stakes were……(can you guess?)

Pencils. Knitting needles. And artist paintbrushes!

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4 responses to “ME BUFFY

  1. Hmm. Interesting. If you take a Jungian perspective, and everything in the dream is you, or a part of you — then you are the vampire, and you are the knitting needles…


  2. I just KNEW knitting needles could fend off evil beasties…

    I bet you threw some amazing kicks in there, too!

  3. I am the knitting needles….hmmmm, very Zen, too, Elaine! :^)

    And yes, Carrie, the power of the knitting needle will once again be known throughout the land! All evil doers will look upon them and despair… :^D

  4. Bahia

    The Buffy movie is fun, but if you haven’t seen the series I recommend it. The movie is fun only, but the series is not only fun, but also deep and sometimes profound.

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