Today I’m posting a link to a video that will take up 5 minutes of you day, but will have you thinking for days.

It’s not new–my husband actually showed this to me months ago, and the speech was given at a conference in 2006. But it came up on my radar again, and I just had to share it with as many people as I can.

Paul Hawken’s speech on his book Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being, and Why No One Saw It Coming.

How does this fit in with art?

One of my mentors, fiber artist Deborah Kruger told us in a workshop, “The world needs your art to heal.” She made me realize that my work could fill a larger role than simply fulfilling me. It could be something more than just decoration (though work that is functional, beautiful or simply fun and pretty can be healing, too.)

Our work, as a function of creativity, is the very antithesis of hate and destruction and calamity.

Some people’s art may work in more direct ways for “the force for good and healing.” But even “little” work still contributes. And no one can ever know the full effect their efforts have in the world. That’s where faith comes in.

I saw that my work could connect with other people and tell a larger story, perhaps even help them tell their story.

I can see my work somehow fitting in with this “blessed unrest”. The idea seems to resonate with the blessed unrest I’ve felt in my heart for a long time now.

It will be interesting to see where that leads me.

Where could it lead you?