P.S. More on the Shadow Artist Thing

I’ve had a lot of response to my post on shadow artists in my “GETTING PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR BOOTH” series. People keep saying they thought they were the only artists who, as they became successful, found they were losing friends.

I wrote an essay about this phenomenon awhile back, called MEAN PEOPLE SUCK #2a: Professional Jealousy Part Deux.

I haven’t figured out a solution yet–there probably isn’t one, since this is more about them than it is about you–but I hope it will at least help you feel better.


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2 responses to “P.S. More on the Shadow Artist Thing

  1. I’ve been sending your blog to numerous friends who have some of the same stories you do…what a wonderful resource you are! thank you!


  2. Why Bobbi, that is the nicest gift you can give a blogger–words of praise and more readers! Thank you!


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