Yes, you read that right. Usually we’re trying to get people into our booth so we can sell them our work. But sometimes it’s just as important to get them out of there, too.

I was inspired by Donald Clark’s new column in The Crafts Report called “Just Ask”. Donald is a co-owner of Ferrin Gallery in Northampton, MA, and an author and artist in his own right. He gave a few suggestions for getting rid of a “talker” in your booth–the person who has no intention of buying anything, but is distracting you from other customers.

The advice was sound, but you could actually write a book about this topic. So I’ll share some suggestions and insights that have worked for me.

This will be in small doses over several days, as my ability to type is compromised. And I would love it if you asked questions or shared your own tips and suggestions along the way!

And okay, I’ll admit it–the title is provocative. You don’t necessarily need to boot every non-customer out of your booth! Not every transaction is about money, not by a long shot.

But no one needs “bad transactions”, either. There are indeed times when someone is being a jerk, a downer, a whiner or simply an energy-vampire. If they aren’t driving other customers out of your booth, they are practically driving you out of your booth.

You must contain and deal with that negative energy. Not only your sales, but your peace of mind may depend on it.



  1. I haven’t experienced any energy-vampires yet (love that expression!) but I do dread the day.

    The worst for me so far was an artist who left her booth to smoke. She’d wander around chatting with various artists in their booths, smoking the whole time. Ick!

    I’m very much looking forward to your tips!



  2. Could do with this for making sure I don’t spend too much time on leads who visit our office and then suck my energy dry!

    I don’t mind demanding clients who know what they want. It’s demanding ones with no idea! And I must admit, my inherent politeness and patience means I probably waste tens if not hundreds of man hours on people like this. Ah well!


  3. I will definately check back to hear the tips. I dont have a booth, but these would work for any “time” burglers. Plus, I will share with my hubby who is in retail….talk about energy vampires-some of his customers.


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