Today is one of those days where I can’t type much. So instead, let me point you to a great article on getting the most from your e-mail press releases:

Bill Stoller’s Great Email Publicity Technique

And my second tip for you today is to continue on to check out the resource where Bill posted this great article:

The Switchboards. A large, active, very net-savvy group of new-wave craft entrepeneuers with a snappy, lively forum full of tips and useful information for growing your business. One of my favorite bookmarked forums.

Be glad I’m not writing more today, my typing is getting worse (because my latest ginormous hand bandage is slipping..!!)


3 thoughts on “HOT PR TIPS 4 U

  1. I second the recommendation for The, a great list, a ton of information. Both the articles section and the forums.

    I don’t usually like web based forums, but the cool thing is you get an email letting you know when there is a post in a thread you’re reading. That helps me stay in the converstion.



  2. Any idea how long it takes to get approved to use the Switchboards? I applied back when you first wrote this and still haven’t been approved 😦 Looks like a great forum.


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