ow ow ow


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10 responses to “ow

  1. Oh Luann, I’m so sorry!

    You’re in my thoughts. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. In the meantime, take the pain meds and watch some mindless TV or sleep.

    It will pass.


  2. Healing thoughts and well wishes going in your direction!

  3. mark rosenbaum

    Oh, I feel for ya Lu!
    So did you type this post with your left hand??? You’re still probably faster than me!!!! ;^)))
    Get better, listen to your Doctor, and most importantly, move to Yoga!
    Healing thoughts going out from NOLA…TTYS

  4. Hi Luann, sorry to hear of your injury, but try and keep positive. Your Dr sounds great just do as he says.
    Love your blog added it to my blogroll.
    Rosie in the UK

  5. Ali

    *Sending good, healing thoughts your way*

  6. Blessings and warm healing prayers!


  7. oooo — feel better soon Luann!

  8. Hoping for a faster than expected recovery for you….

  9. heartfelt thank you to all of you!!!

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