THIS IS (sort of) A TEST

My husband is trying out a new kind of blog for him–one for ordinary people like us who aren’t necessarily techno-geek-internet wizards!

If you have a few moments today, would you take a look at his most recent posts and give him feedback? Internet Common Sense: Jon Udell’s advice for everybody

Oh, and please tell him that my title choice–“What Your Mother Never Told You About the Internet”–would make a much cooler blog title!


2 thoughts on “THIS IS (sort of) A TEST

  1. I liked it – easy read, with a “you can do it” attitude. I find it shocking that anyone could fall for internet scams, but *somebody* must, or they’d have stopped by now…

    I agree with you, your title is a better one. It’s more catchy. And actually I think “Internet Common Sense” has almost a derogatory feel to it, as in “you mustn’t have any Internet Common Sense if you need to read this.” I realize that’s not what’s intended, obviously , and I could very well be the only one in the world to read that alternate meaning into it 😉


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