I’m so excited to announce that starting in the January 2008, I’ll be writing a regular column for The Crafts Report!

They actually offered me a column several years ago, while I was writing “An Artist’s Journal” for the back page of CraftsBusiness magazine, so I couldn’t take it.

I pitched it to them again a few months ago–and I’m on board!

I’m not sure if they’ll use the same “An Artist’s Journal” title or not, but the content is the same–musings on my life as an artist, with all the humorous ups and downs that entails. The tone and style is similar to my “non-business” blog posts, though not duplicated. Magazines don’t like it when you, dear readers, get to read it free, first.

Meghan Reinke, the new editor, is very pleasant to work with, and I’m looking forward to writing regularly again.

Hey! Why don’t I publish this as a press release? You’ll get to see what my “simple” ones look like….



  1. Congratulations !!! Very good news…I had stopped subscribing to Crafts Report, but now there is a reason to subscribe again! Looking forward to all your advice and anecdotes.


  2. Wow! It’s good to see you all here!

    Christine–settle down! :^D Just kidding, good to hear from you, and yes, I’m happy to be writing regularly for a magazine again. I LOVE it!

    Hello again, Polkadot, just saw you at Flickr, too! Thank you for the warm welcome there.

    And Kathy, you are too kind. I’ll pass your comments on to my editor–maybe I’ll get a raise!


  3. LuAnn,
    That’s the way to go. girl! I am very excited for you!
    THe TCR has been reading material in our house since it was a mimeo (that’s right, mimeographed sheet) put out by Michael Scott in 1978. FOllowed his advise and did a show in MD I read about–our first out of state show. I still tell people the TCR is the Bible for Craftspeople.

    Good luck, and may you words bring wisdom and humour to all of us.

    I have enjoyed reading your trials lately, maybe because I just spent 3 weeks in the hospital with a blood disorder. Life can be complicated, just when we want it to be simple.

    Nan Bolstad


  4. Yes, Yes, and Yes! The mag couldn’t have latched on to a more gifted writer and artist. I’ll be subscribing again. Hey – how lucky are we? We can read your blog AND your articles! I’m loving it.



  5. No website yet for my jewerly as I am just up and running. I just did a juried show and while everyone did awsome, I sold three pieces. It’s suppose to be the biggest and best show of the year. It was my first show and since I was around jewerlers everyone around me took my under their wing. I was very lucky. One lady give me your name and said you have an article when good booths go bad. I couldn’t find it. Is that you? Do you have that type of info. My lighting was bad my display was bad but my products was beautiful and if compliments were money I would have made a ton of it. But I still didn’t sell much. One girl told me that when I get my display and lighting get right things are going to change for my. I don’t do polymer clay. (She’s a polymer clay artist.) I don’t even make my own beads. I use beads and jemstones and arrange them in a beautiful fashion and charge pretty darn decent prices. So do you have any web sites to recommend on how to get it together before my Dec1 show or do you have info yourself you can share with me.
    Very grateful,
    Janet McKnight


  6. Don’t panic! If you go to any of my blog entries and look at the upper right column, you’ll see a pull-down menu box called “select category”. Just pull down “booth design”, and you’ll find about 20 articles on booth design.
    I hope this helps you find a way to truly showcase your work–good luck!


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