So yesterday I was working on a project in my studio.

I had our remaining cockatiel riding on my shoulder all day. He has scanty feathers in his crest, and he’s a pearl-faced cockatiel–he’s mostly grey and white, looks a lot like a little parrot.

I’m wearing my aircast on one foot, and my left foot is bare–which means there’s an almost two-inch difference in my legs. So I’m lurching around my studio with a wide swagger.

The doorbell rings. It’s the UPS guy. They never stick around long, so I hurry as fast as I can to the door before he can take off. I swing the door open.

He looks at me and there’s this funny look on his face. I suddenly remember the big air cast, the rolling run, and the bird on my shoulder.

Zoe, who is unsettled and lonely since Bella died, starts shrieking at the UPS guy. Right. In. My. Ear.

With a straight face, I say, “I’m a pirate.” (I resist the urge to add, “arrrrrgh…”)

He says, “Oh.”

I get a little flustered, and actually sign the receipt with my maiden name (which, coincidentally, also has some “U’s” in it.

I say, “Oh, gosh, I goofed up! I signed my maiden name instead of my married name!”

He looks again with a funny look on his face, and says, “What’s your married name?”

“Udell”, I say.

And he says slowly, “Are you sure?”

I hope the next time he comes, I’m in my normal phase.


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8 responses to “PIRATE DAY

  1. Well, September 19 was Talk like a Pirate day… 😉 You were just a few days off.


  2. Christine

    This made me laugh out loud! This, after reading an article about how menopause is NOT making me crazy! Love that you are willing to share your “less than” moments with us. It’s so comforting to know there are more of us pirates in the same boat!


  3. Too funny! I needed a laugh today. Thanks


  4. Ali

    That’s hilarious. It’s always grand when things line up just right to make one the punchline of a joke.

    In keeping with the pirate theme, there’s a quiz that’ll create a pirate name for you: http://www.piratequiz.com/



  5. This post made me LOL! At 3:15 AM! Thanks for the much needed grin.


  6. LOL ! Too funny !
    I enjoyed this post as well as the other … Thanks for sharing your humor and your experiences !


  7. when I said the “other” .. I meant the others … sorry for the pidgin english..


  8. You guys are enjoying my “stupid moments” way too much!! LOL
    That’s okay, I got a million of ’em….!


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