GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #15: Booth Confession

I’m doing my first SMALL retail craft show in ten years in November.

It’s the first out-of-state show I have to drive to, with only a few hours’ set-up. (I usually ship my booth, or have two days’ set-up time.)

I can only take about 25% of my regular set-up, and I can’t even get most of my walls in my car. The most electricity available will only be enough to light my cases, not my walls.

I’ll only be taking jewelry cases and a few propanels, and a couple of lights. I’ll be using the show pipe-and-drapes.

It will be a very “watered down” booth. It feels like I’m taking a huge step backwards in my booth set-up.

I’m terrified everyone who’s been reading my series will come in and take a look and say, “THIS is the person who’s been telling US how to make a great booth?!”

So if you visit the Westport Creative Arts Festival on November 17 and 18, please come see me.

And please be kind.


5 thoughts on “GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD #15: Booth Confession

  1. Now wait a minute Luann, haven’t your booth series essays been about how to make a booth effective for presenting your work ? Just because you are not able to have all your usual bells and whistles…should not mean your booth will be “less” or inferior. It will simply mean that your creative talents will be put to a new challenge. Perhaps you can think of this as an excercise in “less is more” and come up with ideas you had never considered before. I have no doubt it will be fine.


  2. First, thanks for the series on booths…I love your blog.

    Second, I bet you will do fantastically and might find that you like retail shows again. You never know.

    Good luck!

    Lori G.


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